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About Us

Established 2011

Here at Unforgettable Destinations we believe each person is unique, important, and cherished. You are not just a client.  You are a guest with a beautiful name charting big dreams and a passion for travel and experiences not offered anywhere else.

Cheering Crowd


Unforgettable Destinations exists to exceed our clients' expectations every year. We believe they are best served when we become close friends and family.



Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience so you have memories that are life changing for every generation.



Its not just the destination, its the journey thats most important. We believe our Savior Jesus shines best through integrity, respect, honesty, and loyalty.

From the Owners


Our names are William and Beth Leggate, and we are the owners of Unforgettable Destinations. If you’re here, it means you are in the early stages of planning a vacation that must be really important to you, and we are so glad you’ve reached out.


Traveling isn’t just about taking pictures and checking places off of a bucket list, it is about choosing to invest in those most important to you, deliberately slowing life down, and letting the experiences of a place inspire you and breathe fresh life into your soul as well as your closest relationships. Helping our clients create bright, meaningful memories that they will reflect on often and cherish for the rest of their lives is why we created our agency.


It’s never just about the logistics of travel (although we handle that, too). It’s about getting to know you and making sure you have a life changing experience that is truly unforgettable with your friends and family. Did we say we're glad you’re here? Because we are.


Welcome to Unforgettable Destinations.

Meet The Team


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