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  • Why do I need Unforgettable Destinations to book my travel?
    Did you know that everytime you book travel without our service, you are paying for something you do not use? Thats correct! Most suppliers have a fee built in to every package that covers our agency's service fee. That means you are spending your precious time booking, calling, changing, advising, researching, studying, and every other facet of your vacation instead of allowing our team of experts to handle the process for you. We have a heart for making sure you have a truly unforgettable experience without wasting any of your budget so you have time to enjoy the truly wonderful process of the countdown until your trip arrival day comes.
  • Why is my quote so high?  Ive seen the same package for cheaper at Costco.
    At Unforgettable Destinations, we believe each package is just as unique as you regardless of the price. We will not price match any third party sellers for this reason. Please keep in mind that third party vendors are a booking agency only and will not ask to see your vacation memories of your child’s first roller coaster, stay on hold for 4 hours with a resort to change your travel dates so you do not miss a parent’s important surgery, or remind you when your next payment is due. To them, you are a price tag only. To us you are family.
  • Do you book flights?
    Unforgettable Destinations does not book or add flights for our travel itieraries due to licensing requirements. We will advise the most affordable ways to arrive at your destination and help direct you to several options.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    Travel insurance is available and recommended for all travel to protect your investment. Our motto is "Its better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it." Many trips, such as international tours, require non-refundable payments months in advance. Travel insurance policies can protect you from losing your investment should a covered reason happen. Perhaps even more important is the assistance and concierge services that happen during your trip for circumstances beyond your control. Trip interruption due to illness can become quite costly and for international travelers, foreign countries do not recognize your domestic US insurance.
  • How do I cancel a trip?
    Please call us immediately at 336.942.0454 to begin the cancellation process. If it is outside normal business hours, you may contact the supplier directly while waiting for our opening hours. If you purchased travel insurance, please contact contact their main line to begin filing a claim.
  • Can you help us arrange a ministry opportunity during our travel?
    Yes! We love working with local ministry needs to the different areas our guests will be traveling. If it is an area not as well vetted as others we have worked with, we will contact local churches for references and help you locate an opportunity that fits your family or group. We will only assist those who have booked through us for their travel. Additional fees by the ministry may be required such as shirts or transportation but Unforgettable Destinations will incur no charges for their location fees.
  • What happens when I sign up for a waiting list?
    A waiting list allows you a chance to be first to know about space on some of our most popular event packages. When packages are available, you will be notified by email. Sometimes we will offer a waiting list that requires a deposit for a sold out event/package. This means you are guaranteed space should a cancellation come available. You will be notified by a phone call and email should this happen so make sure our email is on your safe senders list.

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